deborah manning

Deborah is a human rights, refugee and immigration lawyer, based in Auckland. She worked for five years to defend New Zealand’s first supposed “war or terror” suspect, Ahmed Zaoui, who was finally cleared of all charges. Ten years later she is still doing outstanding work and tackling the hard cases. She will speak about justice.

Julia Whaipooti

Julia (Ngāti Porou) is spokesperson for the prison reform organisation JustSpeak, which works at the intersection of policing, criminal justice, social injustice and racism that fills New Zealand prisons with Māori. She believes in systemic change. She is a lawyer and currently a senior advisor at the Children’s Commission.

Morgan GodfeRy

Morgan is a writer, political commentator and (his day job) trade unionist based in Wellington. He appears regularly in the media and specialises in Māori politics as well as international indigenous issues. He is a deep thinker who will be speaking about being young in Aotearoa and where our country is going.

Nicky Hager

Nicky is an author who has written extensively on pressing issues affecting the modern political landscape.  His investigations have been groundbreaking in numerous areas of global importance  including military and intelligence, privacy issues, and attack politics.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is a columnist and writer who speaks up about things that matter and who cares about facts and evidence. Her work draws attention to the degradation of New Zealand’s environment, particularly our rivers. She was New Zealand’s first female train driver and, as a former Federated Farmers regional president, has stood firm to argue we must stop farming polluting our freshwater.

Julia Wells

Julia Wells graduated in 2016 from Victoria University with an Masters of Arts in history and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. She is author of number of articles on medical history, has represented her university as a debater and is an experienced debating judge. She now works in publishing.

Lan Pham

Lan was elected to Environment Canterbury Regional Council in 2016. Her background is in freshwater ecology where it was NZ’s quirky and rare native fish that first got her into environmental issues. She is the Director of Working Waters Trust, a freshwater restoration and education trust and digs intergenerational justice.

Marnie Prickett

Marnie Prickett is the spokesperson for Choose Clean Water New Zealand, a campaign to strengthen freshwater policy in order to protect and restore rivers and lakes. She is also a trustee of the Freshwater Foundation Charitable Trust.

Mary Fisher

Mary represented New Zealand in swimming at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games, winning two gold medals.  She loves water and is interested in access, health and environmental issues.  Mary has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology, advocates for #AccessMatters and speaks to various groups about life as an athlete and blind person.

Moko Morris

Moko is from Te Waka Kai Ora, the National Maori Organics Authority of Aotearoa, an organisation committed to environmental and cultural sustainability. A former enviroschools facilitator, Moko is now a teacher in the Environmental Unit, Te Puna, at Te Wananga o Raukawa.

Dr Pala Molisa

Pala is a lecturer at Victoria University’s School of Accounting and Commercial Law. Born in Vanuatu, Pala was instilled with a love of learning and does his primary research in the area of sustainability assessment using social accounting technologies.

Rick Zwaan

Rick is a campaigner with ActionStation, who campaign for a fair and flourishing New Zealand. Rick’s previous work includes leading VUWSA , coordinating the Wellington Local Body Election Campaign for the Green Party, working as a climate policy research intern, representing New Zealand young people at international climate negotiations and travelling around the country with The ReGeneration Trust showcasing inspiring community change makers.

Rochelle Rees

Rochelle is a City Vision community board member, web developer and animal rights activist.

Thomas Nash

Thomas led the global campaign to ban cluster bombs. As co-founder and Director of London-based organisation Article 36, he served on the board of the Nobel Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. He has worked for the New Zealand Foreign Ministry, researched conflict-affected communities and lectured at the London School of Economics.

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