oCOVID-19: Update December 26


 It’s a little difficult to predict what the traffic light system will look like following Christmas/New Year. However,

  • we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that camp goes ahead as safely as possible; and
  • if the camp needs to be cancelled, or if you are unable to travel because of restrictions, we will refund your camp fees in full.

We have sought advice from a public health experts and Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki, with regards to whether we should go ahead with the camp (they’ve given us the thumbs up), and what we should be doing to make things safe for

  • all of us attending the camp,
  • for the local community here in Ōtaki, and
  • for the communities and whānau that you will be going home to.

Basically, we are committed to ensuring that, as far as possible, the event does not contribute to the spread of covid.

So here’s what we are asking you to do:

  1. Vaccine passports. The first and main thing is that you need to have a vaccine passport. Actually, so far you have been amazing at sending these through to us. So a very big thank you – this will make things much easier at registration, and we really, really don’t want to have to refuse entry to anyone arriving at camp without a vaccine passport. (Note: if you have an exemption, please contact us).
  2. We are asking that you limit visits to local supermarkets and shops while you are at camp.
  3. Masks/Social distancing. You need to bring a mask to camp. The camp is held mainly outdoors or in big open marquees, however. we’ll be following best practice guidelines regarding social distancing and mask-wearing.

We’ll update this information and advice as we get closer to the time.